Barmy Army

Barmy Army
A group of young people from the Barmy Army drawn by Charlie Clark

Statement of intent (over the next 3 or 4 years) 01.02.21 – A young persons slow mental health art activism project.

Ever been told to ask for help? Then asked for help. Only to be told help wasn’t available? (maybe in six months, a few hundred miles away…)

Ever been told you’ve got a problem, but something inside you says, hmmm am not quite sure it’s JUST me?

Ever get the feeling young people’s mental health care could be so much better, AND you could make it so much better? (if only adults listened and acted ((or got out the way))

Yep, I know the feeling.

I went through mental health care as a young person, it was crap then and it’s crap now. Nothing seems to get better, however much those in charge say it has. I was in an adolescent  hospital 20 years ago, has the mental health care got any better since then? Not enough, let’s put it that way. (I totally acknowledge there are some cool people doing good shit in young peoples mental health care – I’m not attacking them, we need you sooooo bad).

How many more excuses should we accept?

I want to work with YOU to imagine, dream up and then make real the mental health care you desire, that your friends deserve and that adults just don’t seem to be able to give you.

Enough excuses.

I’m starting a long term project called Barmy Army (working title). It’s part art, part activism and part mutual care project. I want to help you fight for what should be a basic right…. good mental health care. I want to do this because I know how much bad mental health care affected me. (i’m lucky to still be here). It’s going to start in Merseyside and Great Manchester – but hopefully could be a national thing…

SO, let’s do this thing, let’s make an army of young people who are struggling with their mental health. Let’s not be ashamed of who we are, let’s be fucking proud of what we can do together. Let’s imagine something brilliant and kind and that actually works.

Let’s do thing safely, sustainably, let’s do it right and take our time… but not like 20 years (lol).

Wanna get involved in Barmy Army email – – we’ll be starting to get the project going for real over the autumn of 2022. (Covid permitting).

Call out for Process Facilitators Deadline 19 May 2022

Barmy Army has received support from Baring Foundation