Cleaning Up After Capitalism, Wall St, 2003


the vacuum cleaner is the name of a UK based artist who makes candid, provocative and playful art about the world being messed up.

With roots in activism and radical art, the vacuum cleaner has created one-man interventions and large-scale actions as well as performance, installation and film... More


New project EXPOSURE has been commissioned by Wellcome Collection and is currently in production.

Wanna watch 29 different provocations of radical survival strategies from a global cohort of activists, artists and academics, I got you covered. I co curated and presented  With For About with me mate Cecilia Wee.

OH MY GOSH, YOU’RE WELLCOME… KITTEN  is at Wellcome Collection, London until 2029. Don't miss it!


Oh My Gosh, You're Wellcome...Kitten on show at the Wellcome Collection, Being Human exhibition
Oh My Gosh, You're Wellcome...Kitten


Films portraits of Newham's Health Workers

Group of distressed health workers looking towards camera

With For About 2020

A slow conference for a fast evolving crisis.

With For About 2020

Mad Artist Mutual Aid

Support during the Covid 19 crisis

Yellow square with Mad Artists Mutual Aid written in pink

How Can We Do This Better?

Changing the narrative of the suicide capital

A handwritten wish list for how mental healthcare could be better in St Helens

A Madlove Take Over

A festival and space for mental health

Madlove poster held by Hana Madness


A play space for healthy minds

Oh My Gosh, You're Wellcome...Kitten on show at the Wellcome Collection, Being Human exhibition

In Chains

A short documentary about a radical mental health community

A man in a brown shirt standing behind a man in a blue shirt with his arms around him

Madlove: A Designer Asylum

It ain’t no bad thing to need a safe place to go mad.

a pastiche of the Louis Vuitton logo yellow on a hot pink background


An autobiographical performance

feet sticking out from underneath a striped duvet

Ship of Fools

Making my own mental health hospital

legs dangling from under a tree