Cleaning Up After Capitalism

The power of lame ass art activism / live art

a man wearing a hi vis vest with "cleaning up after capitalism" printed on the back, is vacuuming in Wall Street


I hated Richard Branson before you did, and way before it was fashionable.
In 2003 during an interview, and just before the USA and UK invasion of Iraq, old beardy said ‘I hope to one day open a Virgin Megastore in Baghdad’. What a prick I thought. Maybe the people of Baghdad have other concerns right now. So I went into the Virgin Megastore in Nottingham and cleaned up the capitalism.
In 2008 most Virgin Megastores closed. And that is the power of lame ass art activism/ live art/fucking about with your mates.

After cleaning Virgin I got a taste for hanging out with my hoover and it lead onto a series of performance intervention where I’d clean up after capitalism, including

Don’t Attach Iraq Demo 15 February 2003

City of London for May Day 2003.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.

Wall St, New York.