For They Let In The Light

For They Let In The Light
For They Let In The Light - Credit the vacuum cleaner and collaborators

A new live commission by the young artists from The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health, Newham, and their staff, made in collaboration with Caroline Moore.

In the spring of 2021,  Caroline and I collaborated with the young people at The Coborn Centre to make a series of video, text and audio responses to the question, “why are so many young people struggling with mental health?” The resulting co-produced work will be presented across a series of immersive events at Chisenhale Gallery that challenge how mental health is understood, treated and experienced.

21 November 2022 – 4 December 2022

Commissioned and produced by Chisenhale Gallery.

With Caroline Moore.

With a special thank you to Eleri and all the staff at Coborn Centre.

Madlove producer Angie Robinson

Supported Necessity and #iwill Fund