Free Music For Suckers

Guerrilla marketing campaign

stacks of CD's on a shelf

Virgin Megastore, Glasgow

November, 2006

A new brand developed with Virgin Megastore. One of the most exciting music events in years. And all for free.

A ‘guerrilla’ marketing campaign with thousands of flyers, a myspace, a website (now offline), a fake bus shelter ad, a press release and e-marketing all encouraging shoppers to go the Virgin Megastore on Buchanan Street, Glasgow, for 2pm.

Where there would be over 800 free CDs.

In the week leading up to Buy Nothing Day we set up a fake public relations company called 3M4S. Thousands of people came to believe that they would be able to get free CDs, however the whole thing was in fact undertaken to provoke questions of free culture.

Free CDs V’s Paying for them.