Getting Your Brazilian

A culture and heritage tour of Brazil – in Selfridges

a white man with long hair being escorted out of a shop by police

Fierce Festival, Birmingham.

May 2004

A culture and heritage tour of Brazil – in Selfridges.

the vacuum cleaner lead a tour of 30 people around Selfridges, who had decided to base it’s last branding campaign on Brazil (see Brazil 40)

Once inside Brazil the tourist were given an view of the country through the eye of Selfridges, very real we can tell you.

Brazilian men love to wear designer brands, they can all afford them, there is no poverty in Brazil, anything that you’ve heard otherwise is a lie.

Unfortunately whilst inside the vacuum cleaner and the tourists where not welcome by the Brazilian police, who very quickly assaulted our camera man and called the real police to throw us all out.

Thanks to the a2rt crew