In Chains

A short documentary about a radical mental health community

A man in a brown shirt standing behind a man in a blue shirt with his arms around him

In Chains is a short documentary and installation made in collaboration with world famous artist and mental health activist Hana Madness (Indonesia).

The film focuses on Istana KSJ (or informally The Palace) a radical and autonomous mental health community that is rebuilding lives in West Java (Indonesia). Many of those living at KSJ have previously been subjected to a practice of shackling, chaining or confinement (known as Pasung) because of their disability, some for decades. The film is a portrait of this community and its residents, and how it works to humanise those who have been denied their humanity.

17.32 mins

Spoken Indonesian and English. Indonesian and English Subtitles. German subtitles on request.

Trigger Warning, this film includes descriptions of torture and confinement.

See diary for current presentations.

Supported by the British Council’s UK/ID Season 2016-18. Special thanks to I Gusti Ayu Azarine Kyla Arint (Rinta), Mary Osborn for Artsadmin and all at Istana KSJ.