Take Care

Symposium and Performance.

No Limits. HAU2. Berlin.

November 2017.

Curation with Jeremy Wade.

Take Care is a three-day symposium founded on the relational ethics that disability culture has established and demands. The symposium gathers disabled and disability-allied artists, activists, social workers and theorists to critically reflect on care. Here, taking care means formulating new tools for navigating the interdependence and activation necessary to untangle the static social/political agendas of our time. In line with the perspective of numerous disability activists, we take care not only as a past/present/future medical issue for all but as a social, creative and political strategy. We are asking: To what extent can the experiences of mutual caring serve as models for emancipatory relationships, action and the very foundation of resistance movements to come?

In 1988, Audre Lorde declared that “Self-care is a form of political warfare.” In the neo-liberal delirium of independent individualism a.k.a. “survival of the fittest”, care and caring need to become battle cries for future systems of collaboration and compassionate support. What if care motivated new and radical forms of interdependence? What if these new approaches were strong enough to disrupt the isolation and competition that capitalism perpetuates?

Welcome to the symposium where The Future Clinic for Critical Care presents Take Care, a three-day event held at HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin, comprised of theoreticians, activists and artists with/without disabilities from the areas of performance, art, political activism, social work, academia, health and sex work. We offer lectures, performances, conversations, controversial formats and positions on care and invite guests to hang out and participate in the program.