The cuts are not ideological.

Some other victims of Tory cuts:

Benefit bureaucrats Atos killed my father, says 13-year-old boy

Blinded, half-paralysed man dies day after Atos stop his benefits

A CYSTIC fibrosis sufferer ­recovering from a double lung transplant has had her benefits cut by 85 per cent.

Louise Davidson, 20, who has struggled with the condition since birth, had been receiving £130 a week. She must now survive on £21.

DAVID Cameron has been urged to look again at disability benefit changes after a Northumberland man committed suicide when told he would lose all support.

Wansbeck MP Ian Lavery told a stunned House of Commons that he had received a copy of a suicide note written by a housebound 54-year-old man in his constituency who took his own life after a battle with the Department for Work and Pensions.

Get ready for work: what woman who needs constant care was told

Atos Disability Benefits Row: Epileptic Colin Traynor’s Death Blamed On Stress Of Being Found ‘Fit For Work

Man with terminal brain cancer told he’s ‘fit for work’

Atos scandal: Benefits bosses admit over half of people ruled fit to work ended up destitute

New GP survey shows Government welfare test is pushing vulnerable people to the brink

MSPs hear UK welfare reforms ‘force blind man to beg’

Birmingham dad dies of heart condition after being ruled ‘fit for work’

Benefits appeal woman Cecilia Burns from Strabane has died

Fury as Tory welfare police order kidney dialysis patient Paul Mickleburgh back to work

Stress of Tory benefits tests killed our dad, family claims