Image of a billboard against a brick wall. text saying... "1 - We, the Balmy Army* wanted to advertise our young peoples mental health project on this billboard, but we legally aren't allowed. (But yeah, advertising things to make massive profits from"
Balmy Army Billboard

Please read this bit first


How are you?

No. Wait. Really. How are you?

I am asking because both the stories that follow are by and about a young person’s mental health and mental health services.

They include a range of experiences that you may find upsetting and challenging: mental health, suicide, disordered eating and self harm.

We have kept the text as true to the originals as possible as I think it’s important to be honest about what young people are going through, but changes, including to names, have been made.
As always, be super kind and careful with each other. Below the text in each story is a list of formal services you may want to access.


James – an artist from the Balmy Army.

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Further info 

The Balmy Army is at HOME 1 July – 17 September 2023.

Events take place as part of Manchester International Festival 1-16 July 2023.