The art of a culture of hope

Collectively authoring hope and fear

two boys hold a placard saying Make Hope Stop Fear

Begging For Social Engagement

Live art performance and film

The words "begging for social engagement £100 required" hand written on a piece of cardboard and held by someone in a blue jacket sitting cross legged

London 20L2

Olympic twitter prank

Metropolitan Lice

Brandalism / rebranding project

outside Haggerston and Queensbridge police station the sign is adapted to read 'Metropolitan Lice'

Kick The Crack

Commissioned intervention

pieces of white tape stuck across a large crack in a concrete floor

Please Do Not Feed The Pigs

Brandalism / resigning project

a sign on metal railings opposite a police station that reads "please don't feed the pigs".

What Difference Does It Make?

Solo exhibition, performance and interventions

a hand drawn image of a man waving with the top of a penis on his head

Hate Mail

(Yes, it is real)

a typed piece of hate mail to James Leadbitter the vacuum cleaner