Cleaning Up After Capitalism

The power of lame ass art activism / live art

a man wearing a hi vis vest with "cleaning up after capitalism" printed on the back, is vacuuming in Wall Street

Starbucks Logo Fault

Rebranding Starbucks with a green pen

the front glass window of a Starbucks coffee shop with adapted logo to read 'fuck off'

Get Ta Suck

Solo exhibition

two gold paintings with black text, one reads "Gordon Brown texture like sun" the other "never a frown with Gordon Brown"

Capitalism. Full Stop.

Performance lecture / manifesto

silhouette of a man in front of an overhead projector, the slide behind him reads 'art is dead long live life'

What Difference Does It Make?

Solo exhibition, performance and interventions

a hand drawn image of a man waving with the top of a penis on his head